Digitization of businesses is a reality. In a world where robots are gearing to enter the front-office, enterprises need to think radically to survive. Focusing on ERP as a tool to improve operations will no longer suffice. It is here that Born-in-cloud enterprise solutions are redefining the digital backbone of organizations who are keen to innovate and succeed in an volatile, uncertain and complex market.

  • Cloud Benefits
  • Mobility Options
  • Flexibility
  • Integration Capability
  • Power of One
  • UI/UX
  • In-Memory
  • Context Aware

Core HR & Global Payroll Solutions

  • Innovative Experience – Easy transactions through chat, voice & other automotive mode
  • Global Payroll Capability – One platform which consoles across ANZ, MENA, & APAC including Japan & China
  • Deployment Model – On Cloud, On Premise, and Managed Service Model
  • Minimalistic UI – ZERO UI is a new normal, HR transactions on the Go
  • Buy Simplified – No Hidden Cost
  • APIs & Integration Capability – Easily integrate with other 3rd party systems
  • Major Components - Move over finger based biometrics and unhygienic plastic based access cards - mark attendance in the most hygienic and efficient way possible
  • Time & Attendance - Towards a Touchless Attendance System with Thermal Scanning
  • Other Modules- Employee Records, Employee Movements, Travel & Expense, Multiple & complex Shift handling



Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions Eco-Suite

The Logistics Services Industry is the backbone of global supply chains and is expected to integrate and support complex processes in real-time.

  • Transport Management System (TMS)
  • Warehosue Management System (WMS)
  • Fleet & Asset Management
  • Integrated Billing & purchase system enabling SMART Buy & SMART Sell
  • Hub Management
  • In-Memory Planning & Optimization System
  • Integrated Suite
  • Capex Light
  • Customer First Approach
  • Planning & Optimization Engine
  • Intelligent Visbility – Central Command Control Towers
  • Intuitive & Easy to use